Inspiring a new generation of Sports Leaders...

The MY Leadership Academy Programme is designed to create a structure which young people can follow to help them develop as leaders within gymnastics environments (schools, clubs and leisure centres). The programme encourages leaders to complete five different ‘topic’ areas.  Scroll down to read more about these.

You can view the Leadership Academy Calendar on this site under Events/Dates.

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In the My Learning Section of the Program you will have the opportunity to attend workshops and courses within the club as well as those run by British Gymnastics and other sporting organisations.

You should keep a record in your log book of what you have attended and any notes or literature from the events.

In addition, at Alton Gymnastics Club we have progressive Coaching Log Books to help you show what you have learned.  These log books will help you get ready for you first coaching qualifications and beyond.

COST: There may be a charge for courses, workshops and conferences outside the club.  There may be a small charge for workshops within the club to cover hall hire.

Coach Training Portfolio


In this section you will have the opportunity to volunteer at your club and at County, Regional and National Gymnastics Events.
Where and what you can volunteer for will depend on your age, experience and the areas you are most interesting in developing.
At Alton Gymnastics Club, Young Leaders volunteer during class time for a minimum of 1 hour per week on a regular basis.  You can also be involved in helping out at the various club events which will prepare you and give you the confidence to apply to volunteer at County, Regional and National events!
The Leadersip Academy may also meet to arrange events and to make group decisions
This part of the program is very rewarding and can be exciting to be involved in high profile gymnastics events.
COST: Usually the only cost is if you have to travel to an event.



In this section you get to develop and run your own project with the club.
Your project should address a need within the club and you can get as many other people involved as you like.
It can be a single event, fundraising activity or initiative or it can be an ongoing project to benefit the club and its members.
The type of project you undertake and your role will depend on your age, experience and the areas you are most interested in.
This can be a very exciting part of the My Leadership Program and gives Young Leaders the opportunity to work as a team using their strengths.
COST:  You should build any costs into you project to make sure that the project does not cost you anything personally.



The My Development section is where you choose a mentor and work alongside them.
You will be asked to write about why you want to be involved in Gymnastics and what things you can offer as a Young Leader.
Your mentor will help you with completing your log books and talk to you about which direction you want to focus on.
You will be aksed to evaluate your own performance in the area you are focusing on.  Down the line you will be asked to reflect on your progress.
COST: None really, maybe log book materials if you print your own sheets.



In this section you will be asked to produce a Development Plan for your future.  This will help you track your progress and make choices about what you want to do within the Leadership Program.  It will help you to assess your goals and get a great sense of satisfacction when you achieve them!
COST: None