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Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics underpins all other sports, developing BALANCE, CO-ORDINATION, STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY.  Repetition and practise of core gymnastic elements as well as the challenge of learning new and exciting skills encourages sound physical development at the same time as building confidence.  Gymnastics classes bring a wealth of benefits to the developing child including:

  • Enhancing physical development & creativity

  • Increasing confidence

  • Developing listening skills & social skills

  • Practising good sportsmanship

  • Developing self-discipline, organisation & positive work ethic

During a gymnastics class, children are not only developing physical strength, control, skills and awareness...  They are also building on their social skills, listening, following instructions, and developing self-discipline.

At AGC our programs are designed to give children the opportunity to progress at a pace that suits them, whether they want to take one class a week or more, the benefits of gymnastics are enormous.

Our primary philosophy is to provide OPPORTUNITY at all levels whilst giving gymnasts and parents the freedom to choose which program will best suit them and their aspirations.

We cater for all levels of ability with GfA Recreational Classes for those wishing to enjoy the many benefits of general gymnastics, Development Programs for those who wish to develop their gymnastics toward the competitive sport and Competitive Squads for those who reach the standard required to represent the club at County and Regional events.​

Why Gymnastics?: About Us
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