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Before you join AGC...


- You can read about the GfA Program HERE.  This link takes you to a page where you can find all the information you will need about the program and to help you choose a class, including current class days and times.

- When enrolling in a class at Alton Gymnastics Club, you are required to agree to the Terms & Conditions and to follow the club rules and dress code which are all published on this website

- We do not offer trial sessions because all of our classes are usually full each term.   However, there is a cancellation procedure for New Members which is explained in the Terms & Conditions and on the Members Welcome Page.

Costs of Enrolling at AGC

- Term fees from £100 for 12 weeks, (based on a 45 minute class)

- BG membership (from £25 PA, payable by week 3).

- Uniform Uniform is NOT compulsory for GfA classes but is required for participating in club events such as competitions and displays.


Join Us: Welcome

How to Join AGC...

During our open-enrolment periods, you can click on the “Book Now” button to see available classes and book if there are any suitable for your child. PLEASE NOTE: Spaces available during open enrolment are very limited due to many people being on our waiting list.

If there are no spaces, or if we are not in an open enrolment period, please click “Join Waiting List” instead.  To join the waiting list you will need to ‘purchase’ the free Waiting list sign up for your child (NOT yourself!). Once you have joined the waiting list, you will be notified by email when spaces become available and upon each enrolment period for new members.

If neither of these buttons can be seen, please check the updates below and come back later...


- Enrolment fo rthe Summer Term is closed

- Next Enrolment is from 1st August for the Autumn term

- Waiting list sign up is open.


GENERAL: At AGC our GfA classes are by enrolment only.  Enrolment is per term, meaning that all members must re-enrol by booking each term in order to retain their place.

There are three phases to each enrolment period:

  1. In advance of each new term, we have a priority period for all current members to re-enrol.

  2. Following that we have a further period of priority booking for New Members who have signed up to our waiting list in advance.

  3. After that, we have an open-enrolment period where any remaining spaces will be available to purchase direct from a link on our website.

All bookings are first come-first served.  If you are on the general waiting list, whether you get a place depends on how quickly you book after enrolment opens. We cannot determine how long you will have to wait before being successful.

PLEASE NOTE: If your child is not yet at school but due to start Yr R in September 2025 please choose the Pre-Wait list for 2025/2026 which will be available from the Spring Term.

Join Us: Welcome

NDP Competitive and Development Programs...

If you are interested in a competitive pathway...

  • Please complete the steps above to be added to our system and send an email to: to let us know that you are looking for a Competitive Pathway.

  • If we have space available, one of the coaching team will contact you to arrange an assessment of suitability for our NDP programs.

  • After the assessment we will let you know what our recommendations are for your gymnast in terms of the programs we run.

  • If we do not have a program that is suitable, we can signpost you to a club that may be able to offer you what you are looking for.

  • If we recommend starting in the Core Academy Stage 1-4 or Intermediate you will remain on the waiting list to receive information on places in the coming terms with the opportunity to enrol.

  • If we offer you a place or a trial on an NDP Competitive or Development Program we will send you an offer by email. You need to follow the instructions in this email to secure your place. These places may start at any time during a term depending on availability.

Join Us: Who We Are

Having Trouble?

Waiting list sign up Trouble-shooting...

Common issues & Solutions:

1) You can't see a button to Book Now or Join the Waiting list.

You will only be able to "Book Now" during Open Enrolment periods and if there are still spaces available.

Waiting List sign up may be closed because we are in an enrolment period for those on the Waiting List or because we are carrying out maintenance on our lists. Check back in a few days or on the date that Open Enrolment starts if stated above.

2) You haven't received a verification email to set up your account.

SOLUTION 1: Double check your junk

SOLUTION 2: Wait a little while - sometimes the server gets overwhelmed.  When you check again, don't forget to check your junk.

SOLUTION 3: If 1 or 2 don't resolve the issue please get in touch by email so we can investigate the issue.

3) You have created an account but still cannot see any classes to book onto.

SOLUTION 1:  If we are not in a new-members booking period, you won't be able to see any classes.

SOLUTION 2: Make sure you are signed in to your account (check the top right when in the shop - if theres a grey cricle with your initials you are signed in - if not, there will be an option there to "Sign In".

SOLUTION 3: Please make sure that you have completed the purchase of the (free) "Waiting List Sign-Up". If you don't complete this step, we cannot see you on our system in order to put you in an access group for booking.  You can check this in you JoinIn account under "Payments" by choosing "Purchase History".

4) You get the message "No eligible people" when trying to book a class, or it won't let you book one of your children on even though they are in the list.

SOLUTION 1:  Check the class is an appropriate age range for your child.

SOLUTION 2: Check that you have purchased the "Waiting List Sign-up" for the child you are booking for (you need to do this for each child).

SOLUTION 3: Check that you haven't already purchased the class and that is isn't already in your basket for the child you are trying to book for.  Also check that you haven't booked or put in your basket a class that clashes time-wise for that child.

SOLUTION 4: Make sure that you have completed the purchase of the (free) "Waiting List Sign-Up". If you don't complete this step, we cannot see you on our system in order to put you in an access group for booking, even if you have  You can check this in you JoinIn account under "Payments" by choosing "Purchase History".

Join Us: Welcome
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