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Register with British Gymnastics

The correct memberships for 2022/2023 are:

GfA Program: "Gymnast" £22

NDP Program: "Competitive Gymnast" £60

All gymnasts MUST be registered with British Gymnastics in order to attend classes at Alton Gymnastics Club

NEW MEMBERS should be registered by the third class that they attend. We recommend that you do this after your second class as the fee is non-refundable.

EXISTING MEMBERS must renew their membership EVERY September.

All participants must be registered with British Gymnastics.

STRICTER POLICY: Due to issues in previous years we now have to take a stricter approach to BG membership renewals.  One reminder will be sent to everyone toward the end of September and our final checks for this will be during the week beginning October 3rd.  Children who are not registered will not be allowed to enter their classSorry to have to take a hard line on this but unfortunately it invalidates the club and individuals insurance if we do not adhere to the rules set by British Gymnastics and we cannot keep checking this all term as it takes considerable time in admin hours. Please DO NOT bring your child after the end of September if you have not renewed their BG membership - they will not be allowed into class until it is done and can be verified on the BG portal.

IMPORTANT: If you are joining for the Autumn Term, please do NOT attempt to register with British Gymnastics until after the start of term - if you do, your membership will be for the previous year and only last until October!

If your child already has British Gymnastics Membership through another club (Gymnastics or Trampolining) you MUST login to your GymNet account and link them to Alton Gymnastics Club so that we can view and confirm your membership.

You should ensure that the details on your British Gymnastics account are kept up-to-date. This includes your home address, email address and any medical information that the club need to be aware of.  You can update these details by logging into you GymNet account.

British Gymnastics Registration is open to all new members when they join and then for renewal of existing members it is open for renewal in September each year.

Gymnasts (or their parents if they are under 16) need to sign up for an online account with British Gymnastics, register each gymnast in the family and pay the BG Membership fee.

The process is simple and takes just a few minutes to complete… Parents will need to first enter their details and then the names, dates of birth and a few other bits of information about each child.  

The system may require you to answer some questions about your childs participation in gymnastics so that they can recommend the correct level of membership for each child.  If the recommended level of membership is not what you expected, you can edit it however, it is worth checking back that you have answered the questions correctly.


The correct memberships for 2022/2023 are:

GfA Program: Gymnast £22

NDP Program: Competitive Gymnast £60


ALL BG Memberships must be renewed in the AUTUMN Term

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