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‘NDP’ stands for National Development Plan.

Women’s Artistic Gymnasts compete individually on the Bars, Beam, Floor, Vault and Range & Conditioning.  There are different pathways on the National Development Plan, each requiring differing levels of commitment.  At Alton we currently follow the NDP Regional Pathway with some gymnasts working towards the National Grades.  On all pathways, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is a demanding discipline and requires determination, dedication and a high level of discipline.  Gymnasts must show by aged 9 that they have very technically sound skills on floor (in order that these skills can be transferred to the beam) as well as exceptional adaptability and potential for Women’s Artistic work on all apparatus.

Minimum age for first Competition*:  10 in the year

*minimum age for entry to NDP Regional Grade 4  - Gymnasts can compete Generic Grade 6 & 5 on all apparatus at aged 8 and 9 respectively (within the Development Program)

Women’s Artistic Gymnasts may occasionally also work toward National Grades in Tumbling

Women’s Artistic Training at Alton

Women’s Artistic Squad Training hours: Up to 12 hours per week (over 3 or more sessions)

Entry Requirements for Women’s Artistic Squad

At age 9 or 10:

  • Completed minimum of 12 (and ideally 24) months on the Development pathway

  • Achieved a pass, Commendation or Distinction at Club (Generic) Grade 5

  • Assessment for suitability for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics which includes assessment of specific skills needed for Regional Grades on all apparatus, flexibility, quality of shaping, understanding of basics and coachability.

  • Demonstrated ability to work ‘on task’ and follow programs set by the coach

* If the gymnast has not taken the Grade 5 exam at the County competition she may complete an assessment judged by a qualified Regional Judge to establish if she has the requirements to have passed.

10 years +:

  • Coming from another club with proven experience in Women’s Artistic

  • Achieved a Pass, Commendation or Distinction at a Regional or National Grade appropriate to their age

  • Not looking to train toward Elite path gymnastics but looking for sound coaching toward Regional Grade and the possibility of OOA Levels.

Click here for MORE about Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (from British Gymnastics)

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