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for Competitive Pathway programs ...

It can be very exciting to have your child selected or recommended for a competitive pathway program in gymnastics, or indeed, any sport.  It might feel like a great compliment or it may feel quite daunting to consider the commitment both now and in the future if they are successful on this pathway.
It is important as parents to weigh everything up before you make decisions along the way but it is even more important to keep things in perspective and to help your child do the same.
It is important to remember that your role as a parent is unchanged by this selection… to support and love your child, regardless of what they do or do not achieve in life (or in gymnastics).
Clubs can provide the opportunities for gymnastics training and learning life-skills but it is how you utilise these in your parenting that counts the most, particularly with young children.
The MOST important thing to remember is that it is THEIR SPORT, not yours.  Please leave the critiquing and coaching to the coaches, and let your child know how much you enjoy watching them enjoy themselves and working hard … make this a priority and don’t let yourself get worked up about their progress or skills they can or can’t do.  Through success and failure, keep your own emotions in check!   It is very important to consider the messages we send our children especially at a young and impressionable age.

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