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Policies & Procedures
In effect from April 2022

Parents & Members

1. Gymnasts may only bring into the hall the things they need for class.  We recommend these are brought in a simple, lightweight drawstring bag or small Holdall

  • Drink in a sealed bottle

  • Hand Sanitiser (helpful if this is clipped on the outside of the bag)

  • Any medication they may need (please ensure you inform us in advance if they are bringing medication with them)

  • Their shoes and any other clothing they cannot hand off to you at drop-off

  • NDP SQUADS: any personal Training items or aids.

2. Please encourage your child to use the toilet and wash their hands before class to reduce the need for them to leave the hall during class.  This is especially important for the youngest children.

3. Please adhere to the current government guidance (if any) regarding track and trace and isolation if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.

4. In addition to point 3, whatever the general guidelines are, we respectfully request that you do not bring your child if a member of your household has tested positive for covid-19.  They should stay away from class for the 7 day period following the positive test or onset of symptoms or until they are well enough to participate.  You should ensure that the child tests negative prior to returning to class.

5. Please do not bring a child who is unwell.

6. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before the start of your class.  Arriving too early can cause congestion in the corridor.

7. Please continue to observe sensible social distancing whilst waiting in the corridor before class..

8. To reduce congestion in the corridor, parents/gymnasts should stand on the right hand side if they are waiting to come into class and on the left hand side if collecting children from class.

9. Please do not congregate in the corridor during classes.  Whilst we understand that you may want to watch some of the class, there may not be the space for every parent to safely watch every week, please just try to be aware of this and exercise sensible judgement.

Specific Procedures for indoor activities during periods of restriction due to Covid-19 (return to Indoor Activities)

Covid-19: Programs
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