Policies & Procedures

(Currently Under review)

Parent & Gymnast responsibilities

Our ability to re-open AGC at Alton Sports Centre has been a result of very thorough and carefully considered risk assessments and the development of processes and procedures to ensure as far as possible, a covid-secure environment.  Our coaches will be working hard to maintain the safety within the gym and classes.

Failure to comply with the guidelines will significantly affect our ability to continue to run classes, therefore we must rely on our members to follow the guidance below.  please read it carefully and if you have any questions please email:


➢ Ensure you have your water bottle, hand sanitiser and any medications you may need in a draw-string bag … this bag should be also big enough to hold your shoes.

➢ For squads, you should have your club HoldAll and/or other bag with all you personal training items in it.

➢ You may not bring anything else into the class with you, just this bag, so you must be able to fit everything you need in it.  We understand that some older children may come straight from school on the bus - you will need to use the lockers to keep your belongings in other than the bag you are allowed to bring in with you.

➢ Arrive dressed ready for your class with minimal necessary additional clothing.  It is best to give over-clothes etc. to your parents before you enter - there is nowhere to store jumpers, coats etc. so if you wear them, you MUST be able to fit them in your bag.

➢ Your hair should be already securely off your face.  We need to avoid the need for children to move their hair out of their face during classes.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE at the Centre…

➢ You should not enter the centre any more than 5 minutes before your class time.  If you arrive earlier please wait outside the building on the socially distanced markers.

➢ Enter via the main doors at reception and follow the one way system to the sports hall corridor.  You may have to confirm at reception that you are here for a gymnastics class.

➢ Parents should only enter the centre if absolutely necessary - so of course with young children you will come in with them.  For older children, if they are comfortable, it is preferable that you drop them at the main entrance.

➢  Wash your hands in one of the bathrooms (there are two but each one can only have one person in at a time).

➢ Wait in the corridor, maintaining social distancing and NOT obstructing the way for others users to pass through safely.

➢ Your coach will invite you in to the hall and show you where to go next.

➢ If your parent is accompanying you, they should then exit via the doors at the end of the corridor.

➢ Waiting or congregating in the corridor is not allowed.  This is a key area and part of teh Centres one-way system.  Congretating in the hallway may cause problems in our ability to continue classes.


➢ Parents: Please wait outside the sports centre on the right-hand side of the Fire exit which is the set of double doors BEFORE the main entrance.

➢ We will open the doors and let the gymnasts out in an orderly fashion.  Older children may meet you in the car park (wheislt it is still light) but please make sure they are VERY clear about the arrangements if this is the case.  If they have a mobile phone, once outside, they may call you to check if needed.

➢ We ask that you vacate the area as smoothly as possible as there may be other users of the centre queueing to get in for classes/sessions.

➢ If you have used a locker and need to collect your belongings from it, you will need to go out via the exit and then re-enter the centre, following the one way system, collect you belongings and then exit via the doors at the end of the corridor.


➢ We will be socially-distancing during classes and training there are markers and stations to make this as easy as possible for everyone...

 - Stations and placements will be spaced out to help you stay a safe distance apart from others

 - Your coach will not be able to physically support you for the time being

 - You need to listen carefully to your coach as she will help you understand how we can all manage the social distancing and still have fun

 - You need to take a little extra care when moving about the gym to stay a safe distance away from others

- Some coaches may wear a face-covering… this will depend on the individual coach, what their role is and the likelihood of them needing to be closer than 2m to anyone during the session

- You will not be expected to wear a face coversing but you may do so if you wish.  It is not recommended to wear a face covering when perforaming skills that invlove going upside down.

➢ You will notice there is a bit more cleaning...

 - Your coach will wipe down the equipment regularly… when you move to a new apparatus, you will asked NOT to touch the apparatus until it has been cleaned.

 - If you’re not sure if something has been wiped down before you use it, please feel free to check

 - You will be asked to regularly sanitise your hands during the session for example if you are moving from one apparatus to the next or if you have touched your face/hair

➢ GfA Classes: Your class will be shorter but we will pack the time full with the fun stuff...

 - We want you to get the most out of your class so you’ll be doing some of you strength and flexibility work at home - to keep your class time focussed on apparatus and skills! 

 - For warm up we have marked the floor with coloured crosses - Red or White, depending what group you are in.

 - Your coach will gove you a number and that will be the number you use for the session so you know where to go first when you get to the apparatus.

➢ NDP SQUADS: Your training program will be a bit different to start with...

 - The retraining program has been designed to make sure you can build right backup to the level you were before the lockdown with minimal risk of injury.

 - Even if you have done conditioning or skills at home, there is something called a ‘de- training’ effect and this increases the risk of injury if the re-training is not done carefully and systematically

 - We hope that everyone will be back to where they were within 10 to 12 weeks and possibly earlier than that.


Below is a summary of some of the measures that we have put in place to create a COVID-SECURE environment…

  • Deep clean of all kit before re-opening

  • Enhanced cleaning regime & records prior to, during and after sessions

  • Enhanced hygiene standards for participants and coaches

  • Multiple hand sanitiser stations

  • Cleaning stations opn eache apparatus 

  • One way system in and out of the centre and hall

  • Social distancing during sessions

  • Smaller class sizes

  • Smaller groups

  • Changes to timetable to facilitate social distancing at drop off and collection as well as within the hall (staggered start and finish times, shorter classes to allow for this)

  • Specific rules for Drop of an collection

  • Session structure changes so that children only come into contact with one or two coaches (socially distanced still)

  • Session and layout planning to facilitate social distancing and make it simple and clear for participants

  • Bring JUST yourself and your bag policy (with appropriate adaptations)

  • Enhanced PPE for first aid provision

  • Enhanced record keeping

  • Staff re-training, both onine and onsite in covid_secure procedures and providing effective, fun and engaging gymnastics sessions in the new environment.

As well as this, we are working on improvements to our progression pathways and content to make sessions even more effective and enjoyable, as well as enhancing our coach education programs.

The full list of new measures is very long and more detail can be found below within our Risk Assessments and Procedures documents.

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