Terms & Conditions of enrolment

By joining a class at Alton Gymnastics club, either as an existing or new member, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions...


1) RESERVATION & FEES: Your place is secured by booking online via the ParentMail system and fees are to be paid at the point of booking.  You cannot secure a place in a class in any other way.


  • EXISTING MEMBERS: The gymnast you are enrolling must have current British Gymnastics Membership.

  • NEW MEMBERS: The gymnast you are enrolling must have British Gymnastics Membership by their 3rd attendance at the club.

  • ALL: Participation is dependant upon Registration/Annual Renewal with British Gymnastics.  Those who do not complete the Registration process on time may be refused permission to participate until this is resolved for insurance reasons.

  • ALL members must renew their BG Membership in the Autumn Term each year. 


  • EXISTING MEMBERS: No refunds will be given on cancellations received after the term has begun and full fees will be payable. Should you wish to cancel you must do so IN WRITING no less than 2 weeks BEFORE the start of the term.  Cancellation after this (but before the start of term) will incur a cancellation charge. Cancellation must be received in writing by emailing: contact@altongymnasticsclub.org.

  • NEW MEMBERS: You may cancel after week 2 and before week 3 and receive a partial refund.  Full details of Cancellation policies are available below and on the relevant page of this website. Please see below for more details of our cancellation policy and charges.

4) LATE BOOKING:  Fees for the term remain the same regardless of when you book your place.  It is therefore recommended that you book before the start of a new term in order to attend the full terms complement of classes.  Bookings after half term are occasionally allowed at a half term rate at the discretion of club management.

5) CLUB RULES & POLICIES: The Club have strict rules including rules on Dress Code, Behaviour and Punctuality which Parents and Children are expected to adhere to.  In accordance with the conditions of your acceptance of membership to Alton Gymnastics Club for you or your child you must read and the CLUB RULES, DRESS CODE and any relevant POLICIES and agree to adhere to them.  In particular, you are accepting that:

  • ALL jewellery must be removed before class.  Stud earrings that cannot be removed may be covered, but the Club does not provide the materials for this.  All other jewellery and piercings must be removed.

  • Gymnasts must attend class in correct and appropriate clothing for gymnastics which means no zips, buttons or ties (ideally gymnasts will attend in club uniform).

  • Long hair (including long fringes or bangs) must be tied back securely for class.

  • No photos, video or other recording of the classes is permitted without express written permission.  This includes from the viewing areas.


  • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for you class.  This is to avoid build up of people in the corridor.

  • Please ensure gymnasts wait sensibly by the sides of the corridor in a line.

  • There should be no running around or playing in the corridor.

  • Please ensure gymansts have used the toilet BEFORE class and washed their hands.

  • ALL children must be collected by an adult at the end of class.

7) SPECTATING:  There are windows to the main hall through which you can watch the classes.  However, to avoid congregation of several people in enclosed areas of the sports centre we are still not permitted to encourage spectators in these areas.  We understand that you may want to watch your child but we ask that you avoid watching a whole class, or every week and be aware of the build up of parents and gymnasts waiting for class or exiting from class in the corridor. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Balcony area by the Squash courts is NOT a spectators area and you may not watch classes from this area.  We are not permitted to allow this as the area is hired by users of the squash courts.


  • We expect members to maintain a good standard of personal hygiene and where possible they should bring their own hand sanitiser for use during sessions.

  • Do NOT bring in a child who is unwell

  • Do NOT attend the centre if you have been asked to self-isolate OR if you have had direct contact with someone who has had a positive test for covid-19 or symptoms of covid-19 OR indeed any other communicable disease if there is a chance of passing it on.

  • You must inform us immediately if you or your child tests positive for covid-19 having attended a class 48 hours or less before taking the test.

  • We expect members and parents to follow any Health and Safety or Public Health Guidance that comes out from time to time.


Cancellation for Existing members:

After the start of term, cancellations cannot be accepted and no refunds can be given, regardless of attendance.  

  • If you decide to cancel after you have booked your class on ParentMail but before the start of the term, you must let us know in writing in order to receive a refund.  You must do this by email to contact@altongymnasticsclub.org.  Please DO NOT REPLY to ParentMail Email - they come from a 'no-reply' address!

  • If you cancel 2 weeks or more before the start of the term, you will receive a refund less 20p (which is what we are charged to process the refund).

  • If you cancel less than 2 weeks before the start of term you will need to pay for the first session at single session rate as follows:

    • 45 minute - 1 hour class: £10.20

    • 1.5 hour class: £15.20

    • 2 or 2.5 hour class: £20.20

Therefore, we can issue a refund less the applicable amount above.

Cancellation for New Members: As a new member, you can cancel after the first 2 weeks of term and BEFORE week 3 begins.  If you decide not to continue you must let us know immediately after the second class of the term by email.  We will then arrange for a refund of the Term fees less £20 for classes already passed and administration.  If you do not inform us in writing that you do not wish to continue, no refund can be given.  Cancellation is not possible after week 3 has begun.

When you enrol on your second term, you are then classed as an existing member and the cancellation policy for existing members applies (see above).