Here's how to complete your Registration in 4 steps...

Book your place via JoinIn


Existing Members and Waiting List Members: To book onto a class, click on 'CONTINUE TO BOOKING" below and sign in to your JoinIn account. 

Classes will only be visible during your allocated  enrolment period (existing members or waiting list members priority periods).

If you have not signed up to our waiting list yet, please make sure you have read the information on the 'How to Join AGC' before clicking 'Book Now'... You may be able to book directly or you may need to sign up to the Waiting List.  If applications are closed there should be a date when they will re-open.

NDP Programs: If you have been invited to join a squad or an NDP program, please follow the instructions in your invitation email to book and sign up.

Check your information...


Please check the information on your JoinIn account regarding your child, including Medical Information and Emergency contacts.

All of the personal information in your JoinIn account is under your control - so if there are changes to be made, you need to do this (we can't change anything our end).

You can find some videos which show you some of the features of JoinIn on youtube by following the links...

Know the Rules


Make sure you are familiar with the club rules and procedures… You will also find information on dress code etc. for classes, all from the Home Page on this website.

Register with British Gymnastics


All participants must be registered with British Gymnastics.

NEW MEMBERS must register by their 3rd attendance at class.

EXISTING MEMBERS must renew their membership in September every year.


This website contains a lot of information for you about the club and our programs.

It is worth familiarising yourself with the website so you know where to look for the information you need. Pretty much everything you need to know is on here somewhere.



Our cancellation policies are laid out in the Terms and Conditions that you agree to when you register with AGC or book a class.  Here is a reminder...


As a new member, you can cancel after the first 2 weeks of term and BEFORE week 3 begins.  If you decide not to continue you must let us know immediately after your second class by email at:  We will then arrange for a refund of the Term fees less £25 for classes already passed and administration/processing.  If you do not inform us in writing that you do not wish to continue, no refund can be given.  Cancellation is not possible after week 3 has begun.

(Please note, the deductions are not pro-rata'd if you cancel before week 2).


After the start of term, cancellations cannot be accepted and no refunds can be given, regardless of attendance.  

  • If you decide to cancel after you have booked your class but before the start of the term, you must let us know in writing in order to receive a refund.  You must do this by email to

  • If you cancel 2 weeks or more before the start of the term, you will receive a refund less any processing fees that we incur from our payment providers  (up to a maximum of 5%).

  • If you cancel less than 2 weeks before the start of term you will be charged a £10 cancellation fee plus any processing fees that we incur from our payment providers  (up to a maximum of 5%).


A full months notice is required to cancel your place in a Squad or NDP Development program, during which full fees must be paid.  You must let us know in writing at (don't just tell your child coach).


Once children are enrolled on a class, they qualify for priority booking for the following term, however the places is not allocated automatic.  It is up to parents to re-enrol for the following term by the appropriate deadline.  Re-enrolment is done by booking your place on ParentMail once the Class items have been added to the Shop.  Existing members get a priority period of up to 2 weeks to book before we open the places up to New members who have joined the waiting list. Missing this priority period may mean you are likely to loose your place as we have ever-growing waiting lists.  We therefore recommend you keep an eye on your emails as well as the Timeline in JoinIn.

Full Terms & Conditions are available on the JoinIn system, but we think they are easier to find and read on our website HERE (GfA) and HERE (SQUADS/NDP)