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20th JULY 2024



The following information has also been supplied via email to members

Our Summer Display is scheduled for Saturday 20th July 2024 and after last years amazing display we can't wait to do it all again for 2024!

The Summer Display (also know as the Summer Sizzler) is a chance for ALL our members to be involved in group routines showing off their skills, performing and having fun!  Whatever your child’s age, Stage and ability they can be part of the action!

The theme this year is, "Our Wonderful World" ... we love an open ended theme and this years is designed to allow the choreographers and performers to explore and celebrate all the positive things we enjoy in this life on earth!

The Participant fee for the Summer Display is £30.  This is paid in two parts as follows:

1) £20 reservation fee - this is paid when signing up for the Display via the Store (JoinIn) and will debit the account you have set up in your mandate 5 working days after you register

2) £10 balancing payment in cash to secure the place.  Please bring this to class in a named envelope labelled as Summer Display payment.

Participant fees cover all rehearsals including show day and an event t-shirt. 

Tickets to watch the Summer Display are sold separately at £5 each and can be purchased from the shop on JoinIn

It is important that you read the information below and sign up by the deadline in order to be involved.

Closing date for sign-up online (to reserve your place):  WEDNESDAY 5th JUNE

Closing date for balancing payment (to secure your place): FRIDAY 14th JUNE.

Please note: Payments for events are non-refundable as we plan our budgets based on the income from participant fees. In order to take part, gymnasts must be able to attend all of the rehearsals for their Stage as well as ‘Display Day’ from and to the times shown. Please check the dates in the schedule carefully before signing up.


Tuesday 16th July: Rehearsal for Squads / Development / Minis / Intermediate & Advanced…

4-6pm Development Squads & Mini’s

5-7.30pm Regional & National Squads

6-7.30pm Intermediate & Advanced

Wednesday 17th July: Rehearsal for GfA Stages 1 through 4…

4-5pm: GfA 4pm & 4.15pm classes (A WHOLE NEW WORLD)

5-6pm: GfA 4.30pm & 4.45pm classes & 5pm Stage 2 Friday (I HAVE A DREAM)

5.45-7pm: GfA 5pm & 5.15pm classes (ARABIAN NIGHTS) *not 5pm Stage 2 Friday, see above*

Thursday 18th July: Rehearsal for Squads & Development

4-6pm Development Squads

5-7.30pm Regional & National Squads

Friday 19th July: Full Rehearsal for everyone…

4-6.30pm: ALL

Bring snacks/packed tea

Please arrive in uniform and bring any costume or accessories where applicable. Hair should be tied back neatly or as requested for your childs routine.  All jewellery must be removed. First Show Photos will be taken during this rehearsal so you'll want your gymnasts to be well turned out!  PLEASE REFER TO FINAL INFORMATION EMAIL FOR WHERE TO DROP OFF AND PICK UP YOUR CHILD

Saturday 20th July: Display Day!

Arrival times are staggered and we have designated final practice times, lunch break times etc.  Once gymnasts arrive they remain until the end of the show so make sure they have everything they need in a bag on arrival.

9.45am: Acrobatic & Artistic Squads (Juniors & Seniors/Regional & National)

Bring packed lunch, snacks & plenty to drink

10.45am: Development Squads

Bring packed lunch, snacks & plenty to drink.

11.45am:  GfA 5pm & 5.15pm* (ARABIAN NIGHTS) classes, Intermediate & Advanced (MR BLUE SKY)

Bring packed lunch, snacks & plenty to drink

*(not 5pm Stage 2 Friday)

12.30pm: GfA 4pm, 4.15pm, (A WHOLE NEW WORLD)

4.30pm & 4.45pm classes, 5pm Friday Stage 2


Pre-Development Minis (UNDER THE SEA)

Bring snacks & plenty to drink

Doors open for Audience: 2.15pm 

Show: 2.30 - 3.30pm

(Doors open and show times are approximate)

Club Uniform is required for this event.

GfA Stages 1-4 UNIFORM:

Girls: Royal Blue ALTON Leotard from Little Stars. Password to enter shop: A!T0NGEN.  Shorts are optional but if worn must be plain black in matching fabric OR royal blue to match the leotard.

Boys: Navy blue ALTON leotard and navy or black gymnastics shorts.

Intermediate & Advanced UNIFORM:

Girls:  Navy Blue ALTON Leotard from Little Stars . Shorts are optional but if worn must be plain black in matching fabric. The old style leotard from Milano will also be allowed.

Boys: Navy blue ALTON leotard and navy or black gymnastics shorts.

Please note: although the uniform is sold as girls and boys, gymnasts may chose whichever out fit they feel comfortable in, i.e. girls may wear the boys uniform and vice versa.


VOLUNTEERS:  For this event we rely on volunteers to chaperone the children, help with music, general organisation and audience management etc.  Volunteers are are usually needed on the Friday rehearsal and Saturday starting from 11am (12.30 if chaperoning the youngest ones).  If you, or anyone in your family would like to volunteer, please complete the Google form HERE.  

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