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At AGC you can become a Junior Introductory Coach once you have completed all aspects of your training and shown competence in the role.  The Junior Coah role is a paid position and therefore you will also need to be able to fully commit to it. The most common age to become a Junior coach is 15 years or above however it is possible to obtain this at 14 if you begin early and show the appropriate competencies.
The Coach Training which forms part of the Young Leaders Program as AGC comprises of 3 main parts:
1)     Coaching Assistant: Training, Logbook & Experience (you can begin this from 11 years)
2)     Junior Coach: Training, Logbook & Experience (you can begin this from 12 years)
3)     British Gymnastics “Gymnastics Helper” Course (13 years+)
All three parts must be completed before you can become a Junior Introductory Coach.
Whilst the Coaching Assistant and Junior Coach training portfolio and logbooks are in-house training programs, the Gymnastics Helper Course is run by British Gymnastics and costs £85.
AGC Leadership academy will fund this course for you when the following criteria are fulfilled:
a)     You have registered as a Young Leader, with the appropriate forms and donation/fee
b)     You have completed a minimum of 48 experience hours (e.g. 2 terms at 2 hours per week)
c)     You have completed your Coaching Assistant training and submitted the logbook for review
d)     You have begun and are committed to completing the Junior Coach Training, Logbook & Experience

Serving Food

Coaching Assistant

Man Painting a Wall

Junior Coach

Gymnastics Helper (BG)

Happy Beach Trip

Advanced Junior Coach

Picking Up Litter
Serving Food

Level 1 Coaching Qualification (BG)

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