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GfA - Gymnastics for All

Classes for all Ages & Abilities

Our GfA Program is caters for beginners through to advanced.   We aim to provide opportunities at all levels for gymnasts to progress at a pace that is right for each individual child in a friendly, safe, and supportive environment.

GfA - Gymnastics for All: What We Do


Classes from School Year R to Year 12

The building blocks of Gymnastics...

The Core Academy follows a carefully developed syllabus to develop strength, flexibility and the key movement patterns for general gymnastics skills.  Gymnasts work on a variety of full-sized and junior apparatus as well as learning key exercises to improve fitness, co-ordination and technique.

Gymnastics for ALL…

Our Core Academy provides opportunities for children to enjoy and progress in gymnastics at a pace that suits them.


The Core Academy is split into 4 Stages (1,2,3, & 4) followed by Intermediate and Advanced. Each Stage covers the assessable elements as well as additional skills and preparations to facilitate progression to the next stage and beyond. Gymnasts are assessed for the award schemes during weeks 2-8 of each term.  We log and communicate their achievements in time for re-enrolment on the next term.  The skills they have achieved are then consolidated and developed to ensure they are ready for the next step.


STAGE 1: 4-6years - Monday/Wednesday 4-4.45pm

STAGE 1: 5-7years - Monday/Wednesday/Friday 4.15-5pm

STAGE 2: 5-7years - Monday/Wednesday/Friday 4.15-5pm

STAGE 2: 6 years+ - Monday/Wednesday 4.30-5.15pm

STAGE 3: 6 years+ - Monday/Wednesday 4.45-5.45pm

STAGE 3: 7 years+ - Wednesday/Friday 5-6pm

STAGE 4: 7 years+ - Friday 5-6pm

STAGE 4: 8years+ Monday/Wednesday 5.15-6.15pm

GfA - Gymnastics for All: Welcome

GfA Intermediate

& Advanced

GfA stands for Gymnastics for All and our Intermediate & Advanced program is the place to be for gymnasts who are ready to move on to more advanced general gymnastics skills.

The GfA Intermediate & Advanced Academy is suitable for gymnasts who have completed Core Academy STAGE 4.

If you are aged 12 or above, have not followed the Core Academy Schemes but have some existing skills and/or experience you may wish to consider the Intermediate & Advanced program - please ask for an assessment session if you would like to do this.

Our GfA Intermediate & Advanced Program is based on the understanding that gymnasts at this level may wish to develop certain areas of their gymnastics further whilst letting other areas take a back seat. The system aims to develop, progress and promote understanding of the skills and progressions at each level.

A range of certificates and awards are available for those completing the various sections of the program.


GfA Intermediate & Advanced - Monday/Wednesday 5.30-7pm

GfA - Gymnastics for All: Welcome

GfA ADD-ON Classes

Add-On classesa re classes taht can be taken alongside a Core Academy, Intermediate or Advanced class and usually focus on a specific area of gymnastics.  Restrictions may apply as to the specific Stage or level that the session is suitable for.  These sessions are discounted and can only be taken in addition to another GfA class.


GfA Acrobatics ADD-ON

Friday 4-6pm

This class is available for gymnasts who have achieved a minimum of Stage 3 Silver award and is focussed on developing floor skills, tumbling and some partnership elements.  The bars are used for strength building and there is a focus on preparation for good technique and form.

GfA - Gymnastics for All: Welcome
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