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Dress Code -

What to wear

Dress Code: Service

Dress Code

What NOT to wear

SUITABLE ATTIRE: Please ensure that the clothing worn allows for significant body movement including going upside down whilst maintaining appropriate modesty.  This includes ensuring that leggings or shorts fit well enough not to reveal the buttocks when bending / moving, wearing a leotard or crop-top under t-shirts and ensureing that the fabric is suitable for exercise and movement.

JEWELLERY: The wearing of any jewellery whatsoever is strictly prohibited for gymnastics activities.  This includes earrings and any other piercings which MUST be removed for gymnastics class.  We are happy to allow stud earrings to be tapped for the period of 6 - 8 weeks whilst the piercing heals. After this, the earings must be removed for gymnastics.  PARENTS must ensure that the earrings are taped during this time, the club and coaches will not provide the materials to do this or do it for the children.  Hoop earrings or any other jewellery may NOT be worn under any circumstances, taped or not.

The British Gymnastics Policy on Jewellery can be found in the [Club Policies] section of this website.

HAIR:  Hair must be tied back or secured completely off the face.  Long hair must be secured in a ponytail(s) or plaited and should not fall below the shoulders.  This means you may have to loop the hair up or put it in a bun.

Soft hair ties only, and flat hair clips. No hard protruding decorations or beads.

The British Gymnastics Code of Dress Policy which includes information on exemption can be found in the [Policies] section of this website.

FOOTWEAR:  Gymnastics is usually performed in bare feet.  Specialised footwear can be worn for some disciplines at competitive level.  For some activities, socks are worn to protect the feet. For general participation, gymnasts may wear socks with grip on the bottom ONLY if they have a communicable foot disease or condition that presents symptoms that the wearing of socks will ease.  Please let your coach know if your child needs to wear socks and ensure that they have suffiucient grip on the soles.

PLEASE NOTE:  Participation Insurance is invalid if the rules on dress and jewellery are contravened.

Specific Circumstances: To ensure that our activities are accessible to all, if there is a cultural or religious reason for the wearing of specific attire that contravenes our dress code, please speak directly to your head coach who will guide you through the exceptions process.

Dress Code: Service
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