Competition Guidelines

For NDP Squad & Development Programs

IMPORTANT: Gymnasts who have been entered into a competition are expected to maintain 100% attendance during at least the 8 weeks prior to the event. For some Disciplines a longer period of 100% attendance is necessary. Coaches reserve the right to approach the subject of withdrawing a gymnast from a competition who does not seem to be prepared enough for the event. Please also read “Training to Compete’. Competition fees cannot be refunded once the entries have gone in.


These are general guidelines for Squad members representing Alton Gymnastics Club at events outside events (all Disciplines).  Please also refer to any instructions given to you by your childs individual coach.

ARRIVAL: Please arrive at the venue in good time for registration. Follow any instructions that the organisers give you. You do not have to seek out your coach... he/she may be with another group or in a coaches meeting. Your coach should come and find you or make him/herself visible when it is time for your warm up/March on (depending which comes first as this does vary between competitions)

ATTIRE: Competition attire and Kit should be ordered and purchased in good time for the competition. Please check well in advance that all items fit so that you can re-order or make other arrangements if not.
Competition attire / Kit includes:

  • Competition Leotard (and shorts/longs for boys)*

  • Club Tracksuit

  • Squad/Discipline T-shirt

  • Club Bag

  • Plain WHITE socks.

  • Any other items that the coach in charge of the team may wish them to wear in order to define the identity and spirit of the team.

Please refer to the details that your coach gives you for how and when to order or purchase Competition Attire.  If in doubt, please check with the coach exactly what is required or refer to direct correspondence about the event.

Club Uniform (Tracksuits and Squad T-shirts) should be worn on arriving at the venue and are required for `march on at most competitions.

HAIR: Hair should be secured VERY neatly off the face.
No flyaways, so you may need to use some hairspray or gel, whichever suits. Use FLAT hair clips only, (the ones that bend to snap into place are the best)
Hair elastics without the metal bit are also better for gymnasts comfort.
For Acrobatics it is preferable for partners to have similar hairstyles or something that befits the characters in the routine if applicable. Please speak to your coach in advance of the competition and liaise with the parents of the gymnasts in your childs partnership.
For Artistic it is preferable NOT to have a fringe, or very minimal fringe as this can be distracting on apparatus such as the beam.
Any hair decorations should be discussed and agreed with your coach before the competition.

PLEASE NOTE for some competitions a specific hairstyle may be required.

As a general tip, recently washed (and conditioned) hair tends not to hold in place as well, so don’t wash hair especially for the event (unless of course it is ever so visibly greasy!)

DURING THE EVENT: During the event Gymnasts are not usually allowed out of the ‘arena’ (or competition area). Their Kit bag should contain everything they will need during the event, including a drink (not fizzy). If a snack may be required please stick to healthy options, not chocolate or crisps as they can create a mess and are often against the rules of the hosting club.

FEEDING: If your competition is in the morning it is a good idea to have a dinner the night before that is high in carbohydrates and then a very light breakfast.

If your competition is in the afternoon, try to have your main ‘feed’ at least 4 hours before and then follow this with light snacks if needed.
Try to avoid anything that is high in refined sugar or that might cause an energy rise or dip.

If your gymnast has a health condition e.g. diabetes, please make sure the coach taking them round at the competition is fully aware of their dietary needs and any procedures that may need to be put in place.

ENCOURAGEMENT: Don’t be shy about clapping and cheering your gymnasts, we support all the encouragement you want to give them! However it is best not to directly try to attract their attention just prior to or during their competing performance, when they will need to be focussing.

Please also have a read of the Parents Code of Conduct with particular attention to the items relating to other clubs/competitions etc. This can be found on the club website un the Club Policies area. Please remember that you are also representing your childs club and that we expect exemplary behaviour from parents as well.